Wellness & spa hotel in Bavaria for family vacation

The many facets of family hotels and wellness

Are you thinking of going on a spa holiday with your children? Then you’ll be in good hands at the Oberjoch Familux Resort. And don’t worry. Although children always come first here, parents are never far behind. That we promise! In our pool and sauna area, you will experience the very finest of Allgäu wellness treatments. You can have the beauty of nature constantly in front of your eyes or wonderfully caressing your skin – either is possible, whenever and as often as you like.

Fun and relaxation in the panoramic spa

Those who book a holiday at a child-friendly hotel with an indoor pool are doing so out of their own interest. And rightly so! While little ones splash around in their element, you can quite literally immerse yourself into a wonderful wellness experience and relax fully in our spa area. Whether you’re floating around on the water’s surface in front of the great mountain landscape or swimming laps in the pool – the water, combined with our Alpine panoramic views, will ease away everyday stress and guarantee relaxation of body and mind.

Take time out to relax while your child is looked after

We do, of course, understand if you prefer to take time out by yourself during our Allgäu wellness treatments. Simply make the most of all the opportunities available and leave your child to splash around in the children’s pool next door or in the capable hands of our caregivers while you forget about everything for just a moment.

Enjoy wellness treatments in the Allgäu

Take your child along with you in ‘Murmel’s Dreamland’
Little people usually like what grown-ups like. That is why we have added treatments for children to our Kinderhotel wellness programme. While you relax with a full body massage, your child can try out a chocolate and vanilla face mask. For younger children, we offer a harmonising and soothing baby massage session, offered exclusively by trained staff who can also give you tips to take home.


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