Excursions in Bad Hindelang

Excursions and tips for bad weather – in the area around our child-friendly hotel

There is a popular saying in the Allgäu region that goes “There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing”.

Nevertheless, if the weather puts a stop to your holiday plans, we have many suggestions for great experiences you can have despite, or even because of, the bad weather. Please enquire for information regarding opening times as these may vary, depending on the weather and Season.


Bad Hindelang approx. 7 km

When the Counts of Montfort (16th century) were granted local mining rights, they opened iron-ore mines in the Hintersteiner Valley, the ore of which was to be smelted into iron at Ostrachknie. Besides agriculture, the people of the Ostrach Valley made a substantial living from mining. In the 15th and 16th centuries, Oberstdorf and Hindelang were, in fact, some of the most important places in the southern Germany arms industry. Later, when the weapons were no longer needed, new products were made in hammer and nail mills. To this day, they still make high-quality shovels, pans, and much more. Visits by prior appointment.

Show dairy

Show dairy

Cheese is a hot topic in Oberallgäu, the pure taste of nature! Crafted specialty cheeses are available from various alpine dairies in the local area. Tours of cheese-making facilities are by prior appointment; please enquire at the hotel reception.

Heritage Museum

Bad Hindelang approx. 7 km

Visitors to the Bad Hindelang Heimatmuseum (a 500-year old mill) can see how farmers lived in earlier times. Here, you can find a local customs room, an exhibition of minerals and fossils, an old-style pub, a cobbler’s workshop and a flax room. Nostalgic flashbacks are also shown to the early days of winter sports and the hassles of laundry washing, and hunting and poaching Scenes.


near Obermaiselstein approx. 20 km

Follow mystical tales on secured steps as you decent 300 metres below the surface to a fascinating world from pre-historic times – the only natural cave in the Allgäu provides a safe trip at a constant 4°C – plus it’s guaranteed to never rain!

Allgäu Museum

Kempten approx. 35 km

Learn everything there is to know about Allgäu at the modern Allgäu Museum, where the art and culture of the city of Kempten is presented. It also boasts a children’s trail and Café Arte.

Erdinger Arena

Oberstdorf approx. 27 km

Follow the steps of well-known ski jumpers, take the lift to the jump tower and enjoy the magnificent view. A short walk from the entrance takes you to the inclined lift which then takes you up 85 m to the top of the jumping tower, to enjoy the stunning panoramic views. This is where the opening jumps take place each year at the Four Hills Tournament, and it was used for all jumps of the Nordic World Ski Championships in 2005. International ski jumpers and aspiring jumpers train at the Erdinger Arena in summer and winter.


near Oberstdorf approx. 25 km

The Breitachklamm, near Oberstdorf and approximately 25 km away, is a natural monument unique to Central Europe that attracts over 30,000 visitors every year. It is one of the most beautiful canyons in the Alps and a good place to visit during bad weather. When raining even more water rushes through the gorge than normal, making it even more impressive.

Hallenspielplatz Allgäulino

Wertach approx. 7 km

The Allgäulino indoor playground offers 3,000 m² for children to run around and have fun. With climbing mountains and towers waiting to be conquered. It also offers an almost 10 metre- high dragon castle, everything to get little adventurers’ hearts racing. There are even electric cars for young Formula 1 fans. Allgäulino guarantees fun for the whole family. Admission is free with the Bad Hindelang PLUS guest card.


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